Interested Teams / Applied/ Accepted Teams

2021 Copa Rayados Internacional Interested/ Applied Teams

Teams that are ready to apply to the tournament should use the links for the applications and those will be processed as well and will be added to this list.   APPLY HERE

Applied teams are listed below and are included in the interested teams list. 

*Invited LigaMX Pro Club Academies for Supergroup Divisions (Mexico):  CF Monterrey Rayados, Atlas, Deportivo Toluca, Tijuana Xolos, Chivas Guadalajara. 

Confirmed MLS Pro CLub Academies for Supergroup Divisions (USA): FC Dallas, Austin FC, Houston Dynamo, Sporting KC, Inter Miami.    

*International participation is dependent on international travel entry under COVID protocols and US Soccer federation sanctioning of international play, which is currently paused.  Sanctioning is already approved for domestic play.  As every year, we have considerable interest from LigaMX pro club academies and international youth teams, as noted below.  

LAST UPDATED : August :   

Interested International Program / Club* Age Groups
International Football Academy (Mexico) Under 9, 10, 11
Prepa Tec ITESM (Mexico) Under 13,14,15,16,17,19
Rayados Xochimilco (Mexico) Under 10, 19
Rayados NC (Mexico) Under 17, 19
CEFUCA( Mexico) Under 14, 19
Rayados Villacoapa (Mexico) Under 10, 19, 19
UP Movement Soccer (Mexico) Under 15 
Gavilanes (Mexico) Under 9,10,11,12
Liga Cordica (Mexico) U13-19
U de Zacatecas (Mexico) U16
Diablos Tesistan (Mexico) U19
Academia River Nuevo Leon (Mexico) U10

Academia O Monterrey (Mexico)

Under 12,11,10
Iniciativa 7 Under 16, 17
Edusoccer (Puerto Rico) Under 18, 16, 14, 12, 10
Inter MTY (Mexico) Under 17
Tuneros Matehuala (Mexico) Under 17, 16
Santos Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico) Under 16, 14, 11


Under 19 Under 17 Under 16 Under 15 Under 14 Under 13 Under 12 Under 11 Under 10 Under 9
AT Eagles SC (IL) Queen City Mutiny MLS Next (NC)   Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Raiders FC 2013 (IL)
Texas United Gallos (TXS) AVSC Storm Elite 05 (CA) Total Futbol Academy MLS Next (CA) Crossfire Premier ECNL (WA) Inter Miami MLS (FL) Inter Miami MLS (FL) Austin FC MLS (TX) Las Vegas Gunners (NV) FC Golden State (CA) Legacy Soccer 2013 Green (TXS)

Diablos Tesistan (MX)

Lanier S, A, (GA) Iniciativa 7 (MX) Tijuana Xolos (MX) Tijuana Xolos (MS) Tijuana Xolos (MX) Sporting KC MLS (KS)  FC Dallas Youth 2012 Red JT (TXN) NOKC 2012 Red (OK)

PST Attack Sarmiento 2013 Black (TXN)

South Suburban SA 04 Premier (IL)

[Copa Champions]

Berwyn Blazers Elite 05 (IL) Klein Celtic (TXS) Crossfire Premier ECNL 2 (WA) Crossfire Premier ECNL (WA) Crossfire Premier ECNL (WA) Crossfire Premier (WA) Crossfire Premier (WA) Crossfire Premier (WA) SG1 2013 (TXS)

Real Greens 04 (TXS)

SoCal Elite 05 Platinum (CA) Houston Dynamo MLS (TXS) Queen City Mutiny 07 MLS Next (NC) Austin FC MLS (TXS) Austin FC MLS (TXS) Total Futbol Academy (CA) Total Futbol Academy (CA) Chicago Lions (IL) SG1 2013 Black (TXS)

Elite FC (TXS)

Chicago United SC 06 (IL)

Dallas Texans ECNL (TXN) Dallas Texans ECNL (TXN) Dallas Texans ECNL (TXN) Las Vegas Gunners (NV) Miami Strike Force (FL) Aztecas 12 Medina (TXN) Aztecas FC (TXN)
Rayados NC (MX) Rayados NC (MX) Solar SC MLS Next (TXN) FC Golden State ECNL (CA) Houston Dynamo MLS (TXS) Sporting KC MLS (KS) Real Colorado 2010 (CO) Aztecas 11 Blue (TXN) Aztecas 12 Azul (TXN) Aztecas FC White
DSS Levante FC (TXN) Prepa Tec ITESM (MX) Prepa TEC ITESM (MX) Capital East SC Blue (WI) FC Dallas MLS (TXN) FC Dallas MLS (TXN) Dallas Texans 10 Dallas (TXN) Dallas Texans 11 Salazar (TXN) Austin Elite (TXS) Houston Futsal 2013 (TXS)
Prepa Tec ITESM (MX) Liga Cordica (MX) Arlington Aces WSA 2006 Academy (IL) Houston Dynamo MLS (TXS)

Cadence SFC 08 Academy (IL)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

Houston Dynamo MLS (TXS) FC Dallas MLS (TXS) Solar Pre Academy 11 Hobbs (TXN)

Triad Soccer (IL)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

Gavilanes (MX)
Pro Alliance FC 2004 (CA) Houston City 05 (TXS) FC Warryors 06 Nava (TXN)

Eclipse West Black 07 (IL)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

Pilsen Athletic FC (IL) 

[Copa Chicago Champions]

Solar MLS Next Academy 09 Kennington (TXN)

Houston Dynamo Catalyst NW (TXS) FC Dallas MLS (TXN)

Guerrero FC (IL)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

FC Dallas South 2013 (TXN)
Houston Santos (TXS) Downtown LA SC 05 (CA) Briceno Cosmos (CA)

Chicago United SC 07 (IL:)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

San Nicolas Academy (NV)

Cadence SFC 09 (IL)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

Cincinnati United Premier 10 King (OH) Houston Dynamo Catalyst (TXS) Legacy Soccer 2012 Green (TXS) NOKC White 2013 (OK)
Northwest SC Esencial (OK) Rayados Chicago/Indiana (IN) Houston Santos (TXS) Solar SC MLS Next (TXN) Soccer For Kids (CAN) Texas Tigres 09 (TXN) Cincinnati United Premier 10 Future (OH)

Raiders FC 2011 (IL)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

Dallas Texans Pre-Academy Salazar 2012 (TXN) AlphaForms 13 (TXN)
Briceno Lightning Elite 03/04 (CA) FC Warryors 05 (TXN) Eclipse West 06 Black (IL) [Copa Chicago] Maya Barcelona NLFC 07 (TXS) CEFUCA (MX) Prepa TEC ITESM (MX)

FBS Academy (FL)

Chivas Aurora (IL)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

AlphaForms 12 (TXN) NOKC 2013 Red (OK)
Rayados Chicago/ Indiana (IN) Atlante San Diego FC - Francisco (CAS)
Rise SC MLS Next (TXS)
DKSC 07 Loya (formerly Dallas Rebels 07) Prepa TEC ITESM (MX) Real Colorado 09 MLS Next (CO)

Cadence SFC 2010 (IL)

[Copa Chicago Champions]

Legacy Soccer 2011 Green (TXS) Rayados Villacoapa (MX) Dynamo Woodlands 13 Orange (TXN)

Barca Academy Nashville 04 Garnet (TN)

Barca Academy Nashville 05 (TN) Edusoccer (Puerto Rico)

Texas Elite 07 (TXS)

Utah Avalanche 08 ECNL (UT)

Real Houston 09 (TXS) Dallas Texans 10 Red Dallas (TXN) AlphaForms 11 (TXN) PST Attack Sarmiento 2012 (TXN) Dallas Texans Scarfone 2013 Samba (TXN)
International FC Black 03 (TXS) ANSA 05 NLFC / Imperial (TXS) Sports Group 1 06 (TXS) Liga Cordica (MX) Guerreros Houston (TXS) Houston Dynamo Youth ECNL 09 (TXS) Solar 10 Pre Academy MLS (Blue) (TXN) AlphaForms 11 Dev (TXN) La U USA (TXS) Dallas Texans Scarfone 2013 Salsa (TXN)
Houston Santos 04 (TXS) HDDYSC Little United 05 (TXS) HDDYSC Little United 06 (TXS) Houston Dynamo Youth 07 MLS Next (TXS) Edusoccer (Puerto Rico) Rise SC ECNL (TXS) Solar 10 Pre Academy MLS Black (TXN) Santos Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico) Houston Dynamo Catalyst N (TXS) Rebano Sagrada 2014 (TXN)
Intermational FC 04 (TXS) Dynamo United (TXS) Houston Santos 2k6 (TXS) Rayados Chicago/Indiana (IN) Colorado Rapids ECNL (CO) Colorado Rapids ECNL (CO) AlphaForms 10 (TXN) Impact FC 2011 (TXS) Impact FC 2012 (TXS)  Houston Allstars 2013 (TXS)
Tuneros 03 (TXS) Kelin ELite 05 (TXS) Texanitos 06 TXS) Klein Celtic 07 NLFC (TXS) DMV United (VA) DMV United (VA) AlphaForms 10 Dev (TXN) FC23 Legends 2011 (CA) Juventus Higuan (FL)  
    Soccer Centro 06 (TXS) San Antonio FC Pro Academy MLS Next (TXS) Rayos 08 Arreguin (TXN) ANSA SC 09 / Imperial (TXS) FC Dallas MLS Academy 1 (TXN) FC Dallas MLS Academy 1 (TXN) Houston Dynamo Catalyst W (TXS)  
      Cadence SFC 07 (IL) San Antonio FC Pro Academy MLS Next (TXS) Rayados Chicago/Indiana (IN) Cosmos 10 (TXS) DMV United (VA) The ACDMY 2012 (TXS)  
      Texas Tigres 07 (TXN) Plantation FC 2008 (FL) Barca Academy Nashville 09 Garnet (TN) Texas United Eagles 10 (TXS) Solar West 11 PreMLS Martinez (TXN) Houston All Stars 2012 (TXS)  
      Rise SC MLS Next (TXS) Solar SC MLS Next (TXN) Legends FC LA (CA) Houston Dynamo Catalyst N (TXS) Guerreros Houston (TXS) Edusoccer (Puerto Rico)  
      Rise SC ECNL (TXS) Rise SC ECNL (TXS) San Antonio FC Pro Academy MLS Next (TXS) Arlington Legends (TXN) Houston Dynamo Catalyst NE (TXS)  Houston Dynamo Catalyst NE (TXS)  
      Colorado Rapids South Elite 07 (CO) FSA 08 Black (TXS) Rise SC MLS Next (TXS) Key Biscayne SC 2010 Elite (FL) Houston Dynamo Catalyst NW 2012 (TXS) Corpus Christi Shockers 2012 (TXS)  
      FC Arlington Legends 07 Morales( TXN) Colorado Rapids South Elite 08 (CO) Colorado Rapids South Elite 09 (CO) PSG Plantation 2010 Blue (FL) Phoenix 11 (TXS) The ACDMY 12 Gold (TXS)  
      FC Juarez Bravos 08 Martinez (TXN) Chelsea Jrs 08 (TXS) Albion Hurricanes FC ECNL 09 (TXS) Brownsville Tiburones (TXS) Dallas Texans Red Mendoza 11 (TXN) The ACDMY 12 (TXS)  
      Ibarra 07 (TXS) Aztecas 08 White (TXN) Arsenal 09 Elite (TXS) Dallas Tigres 2010 (TXN) Chelsea Jrs 11 (TXS) Dallas Texans 12 Red (TXN)   
      SB Falcons 2k7 (TXS) Rise SC MLS Next (TXS) Sports Group 1 09 (TXS) Houston Dynamo Catalyst NE (TXS) The ACDMY 11(TXS)    
      Rise SC MLS Next (TXS) Soccer Centro 08 (TXS) Chelsea Jrs 09 (TXS) Rayados Chicago/Indiana (IN) Solar South 12 Garcia (TXN)    
      Solar SC ECNL (TXN)   Academia Metodo Coira 09 Elite (FL) Dallas Elite 2010 Mendez (TXN) SolarSouth 11 Garcia (TXN)    
          Avanti Soccer Academiy 09 (TXN) Academia Metodo Coira 10 Elite (FL) FC Dallas MLS Academy 2 (TXN)    
          Dallas Texans 09 ECRL (TXN) FC Dallas MLS Academy 2 (TXN) TFC Dynamo Catalyst Orange 11 (TXS)    
          Avanti Soccer Academy 09 West (TXN)  Chicago Lions (IL) TFC Dynamo Catalyst Blue 11 (TXS)     
          Rise SC MLS Next (TXS) Rise SC Pre-MLS Next (TXS) TFC Dynamo Catalyst White 11 (TXS)     
          Soccer Centro 09 (TXS) Rayos 10 Hernandez (TXN) Dynamo Catalyst South 11 (TXS)    
          Aspire 09 Black (TXS) SG1 2010 (TXS)      
          Primos FC (TXN) Barcelona 10 (TXS)      
            Aztecas 10 White (TXN)      
            Lonestar 2010 White (TXS)      
            Avanti Academy 2010 East- Reyes (TXN)      
            Weston FC U12 Academy (FL)       
            TFC Dynamo Catalyst Orange (TXS)      
            TFC Dynamo Catalyst White (TXS)